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If you deal with vast arrays of information and thousands of files on a daily basis, you have probably come up with numerous tricks that help you manage and monitor all your files and folders. However, if the archive continues to grow (and so is the nature of all archives), you will inevitably face a situation when efficient file and folder management will become a vital necessity rather than something that you just want to have around. If that's the case with you, the time has come to try Directory Report - an amazingly powerful solution that will make your life much, much easier!

Directory Report is a popular application that provides you with an impressive scope of file and folder management and reporting features. The list of tasks that become a matter of seconds with Directory Report includes (but is far from being limited to) is: print a directory tree of the entire hard drive, print DLL and EXE version information, AVI, WAV, MP3, MSI properties, print the general file properties you need, find and replace duplicate files and directories, batch-rename files, change file date and owner, synchronize and compare directories, compare files, determine the largest and smallest files on your hard drive, bulk-copy files and directories and more! One of the most notable differences between similar applications and Directory Report is its speed. While many other tools may be comparably efficient, their performance is far behind the speed of this software. Simply put, it's really, really fast - and that's a very weighty incentive for any user. This is a comprehensive disk management suite with unique features that make specific tasks manifold easier. The interface of Directory Report is extremely similar to that of Windows Explorer, so you will need mere minutes to start working with the application. The software is available in a single version for a price everyone can afford, so there will be no confusion as to which version you should use!

Directory Report is a stunningly versatile and useful application that will turn your daily file and folder management tasks into a breeze. Try it today to start working with a totally new level of efficiency right away!