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Purchase instructions

Price: $25 US Dollars, payments can be made in other currencies
You can buy the program or try it free for 10 days

Purchases are made with Digital River

  1. Click on: Buy Now

    Digital River Key Expired

    Or Select: Visit Website

    Digital River Reminder

  2. Select: add to cart

    DigitalRiver Add To Cart

  3. Select: View Cart

    DigitalRiver View Cart

  4. Enter Personal Information

    DigitalRiver Personal Information

  5. Go back to Directory Report's screen

    Digital River Key Expired


    Digital River Reminder

  6. Select: Enter Key

  7. This screen appears

    DigitalRiver Enter Key

  8. Enter the same first and last name you did on the purchase website

  9. Copy the Hardware fingerprint

    DigitalRiver Enter Key Copy

  10. Go back to the purchase webpage

  11. Scroll down to: Additional Information

    DigitalRiver Additional Information

  12. Paste the Hardware fingerprint

  13. Enter your credit card info

  14. Select button: Checkout

    DigitalRiver Check Out

  15. Confirm your order

  16. Select button: Submit Order

    DigitalRIver Submit Order
  17. If the purchase is successful, then you will be shown an invoice

    DigitalRiver Invoice

  18. Copy the ENTIRE serial number

    DigitalRiver Invoice Copy
  19. Go back to Directory Report's screen

  20. Paste in the Serial Number
    Make sure you also entered the same first and last name as you did when purchasing

    Digital River Serial Number

  21. Select button OK

  22. You should get this window

    DigitalRiver Key Is Valid

  23. Select button OK
    You are done

Click here to download the installation program
While running Directory Report, it will guide you in purchasing

HelpFile <--- Click here to download the latest help file

Digital River Logo Purchases of Directory Report are made with Digital River.
Digital River is a leader in Digital Rights Management.
They enable the licensing of many  downloadable games and programs
Their support is excellent

For any questions about the program please contact the author at