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Unrecognized Program
Problems with 64 bit version
Volume Discounts
How to run Directory Report as an administrator
Upgrading to a new version
Transferring a license to another machine
Losing a product key
Network Installation
Offline Activation
Help File
Printing Options
How do I upgrade the program
Saving Program Settings
Run Directory Report from the command line

Unrecognized program

If you get this while running setup.exe from the installation

windows unrecognized program

Click on: More Info

Install run anyway 

Click button: Run anyway.

Problems with 64 bit version

If you get this error


Go to:

Scroll down and open: Other Tools and Frameworks

Visual Studio Other Tools and Frameworks

Download: Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2019


If you get an error while running the 64bit program that you are missing mfc110u.dll,
You can download it from Microsoft at:

For 32 bit Operating System

For 64 bit Operating System

Volume discounts

Buy 10 or more units and get 10% off
Use coupon code: 10-PERCENT-OFF-TEN-UNITS

15% off when you buy 20 units
Use coupon code: 15-PERCENT-OFF-TWENTY-UNITS

How to run Directory Report as an administrator

Running as an adminstrator will enable you to find hidden files.
Many backup programs create huge files which can only be found when running as an administrator

1 Select the Directory Report shortcut on your desktop
   Right click
   Select: Properties


2 Select the Compatability tab


3 Set the checkbox for: Run this program as an administrator

4 Select button: OK


NOTE: This doesn't always work on Windows-10
Navigate where you installed Directory Report
The default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\AMB Software\Directory Report
Select the file: wDirReport.exe
Right click: Run as Administrator

run as an administrator

Upgrading to a new version

You will have to uninstall the old program first
before installing the new version

Don't worry, your license is NOT uninstalled.
You will NOT have to pay again for the new version.

Transferring a license to another machine

You cannot uninstall Directory Report on one machine and,
Install it on another machine and,
Enter the same product key

You must:

On Machine 1:
Run Directory Report
Select Menu: Misc / Show License Key  (Copy this to notepad)
Select Menu: Misc / Deactivate License

On Machine 2:
Install Directory Report
Enter the product key you used on machine 1

Losing a product key

If you lose your product key just email and I will send your product key
Please try to use the email used when you bought the program

If you download Directory Report from
There are NO other programs bundled

Network Installation

There is no network installation for Directory Report

If you make a multiple unit purchase - say 10 units.
You will get one product key which can be used 10 times

Offline activation

Please make sure your browser lets you go to and
If not, then please add these websites to your company's whitelist.

If you cannot add these pages to your whitelist, then follow these instructions

  1. Buy the program
  2. Navigate to where Directory Report is installed: C:\Program Files (x86)\AMB Software\Directory Report
  3. Run: TurboActivate.exe
  4. Click on: "Save the Activation Request file" button
  5. Email me the xml file (webmaster at
  6. I will activate your license
  7. I will email you an activation response file
  8. Run: TurboActivate.exe
  9. Click on: "Open the Activation Response file" button

Help file

You might not be able to open Directory Report's help file
Here is how you might correct this

  • Don't install Directory Report to a directory that has a # in it
  • Navigate to the Directory Report installation directory
    The default location is: C:\Program Files (x86)\AMB Software\Directory Report

    Select the chm file, right click

    If there is a checkbox to unblock the file then unblock it

    help file unblock


Many commands are found by right clicking the mouse

Printing Options

Directory Report prints all file attributes by default
This includes all regular file attributes such as size, created date, accessed date, modified date and
AVI, MP3, MSI, Version and WAV properties

It is strongly recommended that you pick which attributes you want printed or saved to a file

It is also strongly recommended that you pick the widths of the remaining attributes
since the default widths may not be wide enough

Select menu: Print / Printing options

print menu


By default, Directory Report scans all files.
You can narrow down the files scanned by filtering in or filtering out files
Select menu: Filters

Example: only scan files that have an mp3 extension

Directory Report will then only show directories with mp3 files
But you must remember that you have applied a filter,
and that the directory may have many other files of other types

So before deleting directories, please remember if you have applied a filter.
When in doubt, you can send the directory to the MS Explorer (Right click / Sendto MS-Explorer)
The MS Explorer will show all files

How do I upgrade the program?

Digital Rights Management has been switched from Softwrap to Digital River to FastSpring
If you want to upgrade to the latest version
Then email me your email and name(first, last) you used to purchase your older version of Directory Report
Then I will email you a coupon

Saving program settings

Save all program settings to a file by selecting menu: File / Save Settings
Load all program settings from a file by selecting menu: File / Load Settings

Run Directory Report from the command line

Create a file wdir.bat containing the line:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\AMB Software\Directory Report\wDirReport.exe" "c:\temp\wdir.txt"
This assumes you installed the program to the default location
This assumes you saved the settings file to c:\temp\wdir.txt

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