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Jeff Dunham tells an antisemitic joke

Jeff Dunham tells an anti Semitic joke

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Dummy Two Jews walk into a bar.
Jeff Dunham No No No
Dummy What you don't let Jews into a bar, you racist bastard.
Jeff Dunham What I mean is that I don't want racist jokes in my act.
Dummy Okay how about if I kill the Jews
Jeff Dunham No
Dummy I am kidding, I would not kill the Jews.
No, I would toss a penny between them and watch them fight to the death.
Yes, I did the same thing with two Catholic priests but I tossed in a small boy.

This joke was told during the show "Stand Up" on Comedy Central 1/30/2010

I did a Google search for: "Jeff Dunham" Jewish Joke and found 4,650 matches.
Jeff Dunham has a history of telling anti-Semitic jokes.
Why is it that he is still allowed to be on the air?
Imus tells one offensive joke about the Rutgers women's basketball team and he is fired.
Michael Richards, Kramer from Seinfeld, uses the word "Nigger" and the story goes national.
Why is not acceptable to say racist black jokes, but it is okay to tell antisemitic jokes?
What is really disgusting is that the people in the Jeff Dunham audience are laughing at the jokes.
At least the people in the Michael Richards audience stood up and told Michael that his humor was not called for.
At least the people in the Michael Richards audience got up and left.

Do not let Jeff Dunham get away for telling this joke.
Call or write your news channels and especially Comedy Central
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(Viacom is the parent company of Comedy Central)

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