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Software Editorial Review

I'm always dubious of programs that announce that they are simplicity itself to use, especially when it comes to deleting files. I hate the random messages that pop up "if you delete these files some or all of your programs may not work" or "are you sure you want to delete this file", "well I was until you butted in!"Arrgggh, it's like the death bell striking for the last time. Usually when I see a message like this I just hang onto the file anyway for fear of ending up with a peed off computer for severing off one of its life lines.

But now, Directory Report 32 really is an easy way to clean up your computer. Your archive files needn't continually burst at the seams and duplicate files and folders are so easily identified that tapping the delete key will no longer put the fear of God into you.

This multi functioning little gem of a program will also rename files/folders, print a directory tree of your complete hard drive, print DLL and EXE version information, AVI, WAV, MP3, MSI properties, print the general file properties you need, find and replace duplicate files and directories and much much more. This is an across-the-board disc management suite with a host of features that make it a must have where the health of your computer is concerned.

Just click on the 'Directory Report' icon to bring up the opening screen. Click on the binoculars icon to choose what folders or drive to scan. Click on browse, to choose the folders or drives for scanning then click ok. The speed of this operation is amazing, before you can blink all your duplicate files or folders will be clearly displayed before you in the method of choice.

I have used similar types of programs in the past but there's never been one so simple and fast to use as 'Directory Report'. I could almost hear the sigh of relief my computer took having released all that excess baggage. At £16.00 it's the best health check for life your computer will ever get.