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Directory Report Review

The main screen looks just like the MS-Explorer, but always shows the folder size
This lets you quickly drill down to directories which are hogging all your disk space
Other programs use treemaps which are very confusing The familiar look and feel make Directory Report very easy to use

The 32bit program can scan around 9 million files
The 64bit program can scan unlimited files

Prints the contents of your disk or print the contents of a folder
Prints general attributes such as: Size, dates, owner, plus CRC
Send reports to a printer or save to a txt, csv, html, xml or directly to MS-Excel Print the attributes of: avi, mp3, msi, MS-Office, dll/exe and wav files

Other features:
Finds duplicate files
Finds duplicate directories
Multiple file rename
Multiple file change date
Multiple file change owner
Report the total files/bytes per user
Compare and synchronize two directories